Make Your Dreams Come True In 12 Steps

Did you start chasing your dreams or you’re still giving excuses; telling yourself that you aren’t good enough or that you don’t have enough time?Yesterday, while sitting on the beach, my mind travelled to last year. I saw myself walking by the water unaware of the magnificent year that was awaiting for me. Had anyone told me back then that in twelve months I will be preparing to publish my first novel I would have laughed out loud and called him crazy. Crazy I had learned to be when it comes to dreaming. I have wrote my novel while working as a full-time employee and while being a wife, a mother, a sister and a daughter. How did I do it? I dared to dream. I listened to the omens, I connected the dots and started, little by little, day after day till I am writing these lines now. The following steps are guidelines for daydreamers who are ready to live a life of passion, to let the sky be their limits and to spread their wings to fly in the universe of fantasies:

1- Listen to the omens. 

The universe is whispering all the time. Whether your eyes sparkle when you see someone living a dream similar to yours or whether one of your friends telling you how gifted you are in a special domain.  

2- Identify your dream.

Childhood is a great place to visit for this matter. When you were still a child you dared to dream and you didn’t chain yourself with logic the way many adults do. 

3- Make sure it’s your dream.

Not your mother’s and not your father’s. It’s yours. It belongs to your heart and not your brain. 

4- Check your basic skills.

Do you have the basic skills to pursue this dream. Dreaming to become a world champ in water ballet is great for a swimmer. If you lack the prior skills, be ready to multiple your effort.

5- Envision your Dream.

If your logic is okay with it then it isn’t a dream. Your dream must be truly big and must appear impossible for you and others. Imagine yourself achieving it. How would you be feeling? Would it be a peak experience for you? 

6- Imagine your journey.

Will it be an enjoyable one? Will you be happy working among artists and visiting galleries? Will you lose the track of time while writing your novel? 

7- Personalise it then put it into writing. 

Make it personal. Whether by relating it to your life purpose, your core values or your personal experiences. Writing about oppression and gender inequality turned my fire on and energised me to put my heart in my novel. Once you have a personal dream, write it as if it already happened. Draw it if you can. Read your lines or check your drawing every single day. 

8- Give it a time frame.

Whether it’s the next month or in three years time. Give yourself a time frame and keep track with it.

9- Work on it daily.

Don’t waste your time thinking of what to do. Start thinking of ‘the best next action’. Do one action a day to get closer to your dream. In my case, I wrote one hour daily for six months. 

10- Talk about it.

Tell your friends, your family, your beloved ones about your dream. Let every cell in your body speak it out loud and vibrate with passion. 

11- Learn and ask for help.

Don’t expect from yourself to know it all, no one does. Take courses, read books, listen to podcasts, find a mentor or a coach.

12- Celebrate your progress. 

Encourage yourself. Look at the mirror and tell yourself: “I’m getting closer and I will do it.” Get yourself a gift with every milestone. Write yourself words of praise. Be your number one supporter and most faithful believer. 

Have a dream that keeps visiting you? Share it with us, let’s dream together! 

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