7 Steps To Remain Productive In Negative Situations

No matter how we wish to be productive, sometimes life doesn’t go as planned. We get stuck in the traffic, we wake up with a migraine or we lose our temper in a provoking conversation. And that’s it. We start cursing the day, we carry our negative mood for hours, we call our friends and tell them how bad life is and the end result is a waste of time and energy and a terrible unproductive mood. Days ago my fifteen-years old daughter woke up with stomach pain. Observing her during the day and witnessing how she ended it in an outstanding way, I learned from her many lessons. 

Fuelled with pain, she produced her first big Mandala. She created a new account on Instagram for her arts work and she communicated with professional artists asking for their feedback on her work. From her not-feeling-well day I learned the following steps:

1- Be connected to your body, listen to its signals.

2- Know how exactly you feel. Is it stress, pain, anger, fatigue…etc

3- Identify your needs. Do you need to drink water, to move, to eat some nuts, to remain silent. 

4- Communicate your feelings and needs to the ones who will be dealing with you.

In my daughter’s case she refused to join us to the beach, she asked to be left alone and she made it clear that she was too tired to engage in conversations.

5- Think of activities or tasks which you can accomplish in your current state.

It could be colouring, drawing, singing, organising your fridge, sewing, exercising, writing in your journal…etc Think of something that you will enjoy doing. 

6- Transform your negative feelings.

Pain, anger, stress are energy. Instead of keeping this negative energy, transform it into a positive one. Use this energy in one of the activities you enjoy. 

7- Reflect on the experience. 

As if you’re preparing a manual or a guide book. Understanding oneself is a key factor to happiness and success. Figure out how it worked with you and start repeating the good experiences. If drawing helps you when you’re stressed, draw when you stress hits you….etc

Did you ever try to transform your negative energy? I personally use it in organising my wardrobe, my desk, my house. Whenever I feel negative I keep tiding up till I am back to my peaceful and positive mindset. You’re invited to share with us your experience in the comments. 


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