How To Become A Happy Learning Addict

Becoming a mother, I started to read parenting books. Since then my thirst for learning never quenched. I figured out the huge gap between learning and studying and my anger from our educational systems kept growing. We drift apart from learning thinking that it’s about grades and certificates while learning is an enchanting world for human beings. We are all born passionate about learning yet many of us lose this passion in their childhood and teenage. 

Recalling how I was tied to my chair at the age of ten I laugh in irony. To ensure that I sit still and study my lessons, my mother had tied me with a rope when I was still a little girl. Though the memory left me with emotional pain, now I laugh out loud at it. For so many years I thought I hated to learn and went on in my life with this thought. These are 7 ways to become a life long learner:

1- Identify the topics of your interest.

Could be cooking, horseback riding, origami. Even if the topics appear unimportant for other people. The key is that they interest you.

2- Enjoy learning your way.

Discover your learning styles. You can read, listen, observe, visit, travel, discuss, experiment. Don’t frame learning to a desk and a book. 

3- Schedule time for learning daily.

A day without learning is a day not lived. Even if you give it ten minutes of your twenty four hours, they will make a difference on the long term.

4- Teach what you learn.

Find a person or two who are interested in your topics and share with them what you learned. This will ensure that you remember what you learned and they are more likely to share what they learned too.

5- Put it into practice.

Find a way to apply what you learned and to integrate in your life. You can prepare a new recipe and you can raise awareness with what you learned..the options are limitless.

6- Learn about life.

Learn how to become a better parent, a good communicator, an inspiring colleague. We are human after all and this branch of learning shouldn’t be limited to some people in particular.

7- Learn from life.

Live intentionally and mindfully. Life sends you lessons all the time, capture them. At first it will appear hard, just after few days of practice you will unlock your ability to learn from your surroundings. Learn from nature, from people around you, from events, from signs on the road, from the songs you hear.. Let the universe be your classroom and all other people your teachers even the most simple, humble and illiterate ones. Many of them hold worlds of wisdom. 


4 thoughts on “How To Become A Happy Learning Addict

  1. Yes, you pinpoint exactly what is needed in today’s education system-enthusiasm and kindness, open hearts and minds. I love to show my sons even now they are older, how to do something, but equally so, I love learning from them as they show me how to do something or tell me something I never knew…I am so sorry your mother did that…but look what positive achievements you have accomplished, perhaps because of your own experience and natural skill and empathy.
    Have a lovely day : ) x

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