12 Steps To Save Your Money And Simplify Your Living

“I don’t have enough money”, “I need money”, “If only I had money”, “It costs a lot of money”, most of us had repeated one or more of these statements. Me too, I have been struggling with the same issue, always hoping to save and failing year after year.Months ago, one of my friends shared with me her strategy: “You save an amount first then you decide how you will spend the rest of your income, as if your income was equal to this remaining amount.” 

Desiring to save this time, I gave it a try and started to listen to podcasts and read articles on how to simplify your living. The 12 steps that helped me save during the passed 12 months were: 

1- Identify your current average expenses per period. 

Whether you prefer to do it per week, month or year. Write a list with all the payments and expenses you usually have during this period – I prefer doing it per month. Come out with an average total. 

2- Identify an amount for emergencies.

Could be fixing your car, a medical urgent need not covered by your insurance system…etc

Every month you set aside this amount, even if it’s a little one. When the emergency happens you won’t feel stuck because you already have an amount saved.

3- Compare your current income with the sum of your average expenses and emergencies.

If your income if bigger then great, you will move to the next step. If not, you will need to check again your average expenses and start identifying items that you can cancel, replace or limit. Home movie instead of cinema, hanging out only twice per month…etc

4- Set the amount that you wish to save.

Think of it well and be moderate. Don’t expect from yourself to save a lot and live poorly in the moment and don’t save little dims that won’t really count as good savings later on.

5- Simplify your living. 

Take your coffee from home in a traveler mug instead of having it from a coffeeshop. Take your snack with you to work, it’s healthier and will help you save…etc

6- Minimise your shopping time.

Before starting to save I was a shopping addict. I would visit the mall twice per week in average. To save, I started to ask myself if I really needed to go shopping and what do I truly need to shop if I go. In most cases I ended up not shopping.

7- Think twice before spending your money.

Ask yourself if the amount you will pay is relevant to the value you will get. If you’re buying an item ask yourself if it will make your happier or not and whether you have room for it or not.

8- Find out interesting non-costly activities.

Having fun is an essential need to carry a productive life. Try cycling, swimming, playing board games, playing cards, watching home movies with your family and friends instead of paying large bills. 

9- Rediscover an old hobby.

Use your free time in doing things you enjoy and that won’t cost you money. Writing my novel and starting my blog made me happier and busier. I rarely thought of shopping since then though I was really addicted to it. 

10- Find another source to increase your income.

Each one of us have multiple skills that he can use in a professional way if he polishes it well. Write down your top skills and think how you can use them to gain money. My daughter, to increase her pocket money, started to sell bracelets. Her friend designed colouring books and sold them. 

11- Have an objective from saving.

Saving for the future and not enjoying your money in the present moment isn’t easy for many people. Have an objective from saving. Dreaming of editing and publishing my novel encouraged me to save on monthly basis. 

12- Give an amount from your money.

As per the law of spiritual success, you receive what you give. Giving even a little amount of your money on regular basis will create with it energy that will return back to you in larger form.

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4 thoughts on “12 Steps To Save Your Money And Simplify Your Living

    • You know Samantha, your comments are truly valuable. When you told me about the cards I thought of the option and started to think of an e-book. Now, you’re giving me an insight on giving life session to my students about such topics!
      Thank you!

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      • I just think that these are the sorts of things students and schoolchildren should know. My son would have benefited from your life lessons so much when he was younger…I think your students would really appreciate them too : )

        Liked by 1 person

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