5 Steps To Intentionally Live Happier On Daily Basis

Were you ever asked to do the least possible effort? We are usually asked to do our best and many of us keep blaming themselves for not performing better or not doing more. Yesterday, coming home after a swim, I was hurrying to the shower when my son stopped me: “The water flow is very weak, I couldn’t finish mine”. Feeling a bit cold, I decided to give it a try anyway. 

My boy was right, the water was very poor. The first thought that popped to my mind under the shower was ‘The law of the least effort’ of Deepak Chopra. He had explained how to accept situations and events as they are and to remember that they happen in such a way in the present because the universe wants them that way. In order to save energy, one should put the least effort in the events he can’t change in the present. Determined to apply this law of spiritual success, I reminded myself to ‘accept’. The second thought I had was a thirteen-years-old memory. I was suffering back then from hepatitis, being too weak to shower myself, my eldest sister volunteered to help me. Remembering that, I felt grateful for being fit and self-dependent at the current moment. My third thought was of a workshop I had attended on mindful living. I recalled how the instructor taught us to feel alive with our senses, how to slow down, to notice details and to indulge in the present moment. Like many other events in my life, this negative situation turned out to be a blessing, giving me extra minutes to feel my existence and enjoy the water drops. 

In the evening, while hanging the lines of laundry, I reflected on the day and how happy and calm I felt. I came out with 5 steps to help readers live happier on purpose: 

1- Define your intention.

What is it the attitude or the value that would make you live happier? Do you wish to become more patient, humble, generous…etc. In my case I had intended to accept what I can’t change.

2- Write down what you expect from yourself during the day.

As per the law of Karma, we attract what we ask for. Define for yourself during the first hours of your day what you wish to attract; love, happiness, joy, forgiveness…the choice is always yours. In my case I attracted gratitude after counting my blessings in my morning journal. 

3- Notice the tests. 

Expect to be tested. If you were hoping to become more patient, expect situations that would irritate you. Start by pressing the pause button. Smile as soon as you see your test. And then act like a good learner. 

4- Repeat a mantra.

Have a powerful sentence to repeat in the negative situations you face during your day. It will help you direct your thoughts. It could be an old saying, a quote, a song, a line from a book…etc My mantra was ‘The universe wants it like that now.’ 

5- Figure out the blessing.

This step needs some practice. When facing a negative situation, remind yourself that a problem is only a problem if you see it as a problem. In my case I found it a blessing to spend more time showering mindfully under the warm water.

Remember that doing the least effort is meant only in what you can’t change and that in such a case, you are expected to express your desire to the universe and then watch it working out in the future. What you wish to change will happen when you become clear with your desire, accept the present and do the least effort. For now, just accept it to save your energy and live happier, on purpose. 


3 thoughts on “5 Steps To Intentionally Live Happier On Daily Basis

  1. Sometimes God’s will wants to direct us to a better path or thing so we must act our best but accept if things doen’t turn as we want ,later we will understand that God’s plan was for our benefit πŸ™

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