7 Steps To Break The Chains And Set Yourself Free From Conditioning

If you were asked to write two lists, one with the things you are capable of doing and the second with the things you are incapable of, which one would be longer?My talk with my daughter this time took us to the story of ‘The elephant and the rope’. She explained how she was taught that, like elephants, many people get conditioned at a very early age, and grow up believing that they have limited abilities and hence they live stuck where they are for the rest of their lives. 

Reflecting on the story, I thought of myself and the email I received lately from my British Editor. When I was a child, I used to get bad grades in English tests. French and Arabic were my first languages and English was the second. Growing up like the elephants, I loved to express myself through writing, yet always doubted my capabilities and belittled myself. With my first novel ‘Fabulous Veils’ that will be coming soon and my editor’s lines: “I am greatly enjoying it. Bravo. I love the storyline and theme”, my warm tears rolled down. I had been chained for years and could have lived and died without getting my voice out.  

The following steps are designed to help you break your own chains, as they did with me: 

1- Notice the omens.

My first step was a quote on Facebook about the one thing I would regret on my death bed that I didn’t do. Then two students in my classroom saying that they will write novels for their graduation project. The universe speaks to each one of us all the time. ALL THE TIME.

2- Listen to your inner voice.

Instead of shushing it. Detach from our noisy world and listen. Your heart will show you the dream you ought to pursue.

3- Write it down.

Make a written commitment to pursue your dream and draw it if possible. Your subconscious will elevate your performance and support your vision.

4- Make a public commitment.

Tell your family, friends, team members and associates about your dream and keep them updated with your progress. 

5- Create a community of supporters. 

Whether from your family, friends, acquaintances, mentors or experts. Ask them for professional guidance and mostly for emotional support. 

6- Take one step at a time.

Identify the steps you need to take first and then move. Slowly but surely. 

7- Keep yourself inspired. 

Watch videos for world-class leaders. Download an app for daily motivational quotes. Subscribe in a blog to receive encouraging emails. Find the ways that suit you best.
We all long to grow, to play big, to live a life of contribution and significance. We were created that way. Our prime duty is to break the chains and set ourselves free to answer the calling for which we were created. 

Read the story of the elephant and the rope at:

Short Story: The Elephant and The Rope

Watch Lisa Nichols for great inspiration on how to dream big and let go of conditioning at:

Watch Robin Sharma’s video on how to keep yourself ultra inspired at:


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