11 Insights That Will Transform Your Life As A Parent

What are your most dominant thoughts throughout the day? That you are tired, exhausted, that your energy is sucked and that your kids are robbing your life? Well, take a deep breath and remember that you’re not alone.When my son was turning two I was becoming very nervous. Trying to potty-train him for weeks with no remarkable progress, I started to lose my temper so often. One night, my husband, after listening to my complaints, talked to me and his speech helped me make a paradigm shift. “Don’t bother yourself over problems that wouldn’t last for long. He will turn into a man and this will become a funny memory. Did you ever see an adult wearing pampers? When there is a long-lasting problem, we will sit together to discuss it and find solutions. Other than that just take it easy and be patient.” 

Today, sixteen years later, I recalled the memory and laughed. Reflecting on my journey as a parent, I identified eleven insights that transformed my life:

1- Your present is just your present, it is not your future.

If your kids are consuming so much time now, remember that they will get older one day. It isn’t a long-lasting problem.

2- Your kids will grow up and move on with their lives. Make sure to enjoy them NOW. 

3- There is a reason behind having kids while you’re still young. 

With little ones, you need more physical energy and strength. This is your calling now with the abilities you have now. 

4- You will have plenty of time later, don’t worry. 

Observe the elderly, they are great reminders of how people tend to feel unsatisfied almost in every stage of their lives. Be happy with what you have in every stage. 

5- Raising your kids now will save you time later.

There is nothing more time consuming than leaving your kids undisciplined in their early years. Turning into undisciplined teens, you will regret it.

6- You can accomplish more when you’re elder.

Observe world class influential leaders. They reach the summit of success in their forties, fifties and even later. Getting older might weaken your body yet it will coat your mind with layers of wisdom. Your brain will work better and you will be able to achieve more in less time.

7- Keep developing yourself weekly – if not daily.

While devoting yourself to raising your children you should never ignore developing yourself. Allocate time for this. Make it one of your top priorities.

8- Take plenty of pictures.

To feel proud, when you look at them later, of the progress you’ve done in bringing up your kids. 

9- Be their best role model.

It’s the shortest way to let your children act the way you want. Act it out consistently, they will follow by default. 

10- Be grateful. 

There are people out there desperate to have children of their own. You’re blessed. 

11- Your children are part of the legacy you’re leaving on earth. 

Spend quality time with them and on them. It’s your legacy after all. 


6 thoughts on “11 Insights That Will Transform Your Life As A Parent

  1. Ahh, this is beautiful! I seriously think this should be handed out to prospective parents as you illustrate so well the ups and downs of having children. I take so many pictures of my boys and I sometimes yearn for the days when they were little. But I look again, and see happy, confident young men and I hope I had a little bit to do with it. Great post, thank you
    : )

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  2. Love all the details, I really wonder why we always know things late , why all this is not reached in schools , really our life may have been better ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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