6 Empowering Statements To Repeat In Moments of Doubts 

How many times did you quit in the middle of your journey? Though many people find the first steps very hard, yet getting up the mountain of success is truly tough, especially half way through. You feel dangling between the land and the sky and a moment of doubt overtakes you.Yesterday I caught myself in this moment. With a long list of things to do, mainly to market for my novel which will be coming soon, I had this thought: “Why the hell doing all this effort? You were intending to write a novel and you did. Why thinking of a platform, marketing and all these details?” Feeling a bit nervous, I picked my journal and just before writing I started to hear the voices of great people. The first was Lisa Nicholas, she told me: “This is a different season darling. No reaping now. Winners never quit and quitters never win.” Yes, I agree, my inner voice replied. Next was the legendary Robin Sharma, he told me: “Stay solid. Work harder to be at service. Push even more passionately for mastery.” The third one was Deepak Chopra. He asked me to remember the laws of spiritual success. “Don’t focus on the results. Just be clear about your desire.” The forth was Kate Spencer. She showed me lines I highlighted the day before in her ‘Twelve lessons’ bestselling novel. “In order to attract what you want you have to see it like it’s happening now, not in the future.” The fifth was my favourite of all times, Stephen R Covey. His words were wise and profound as usual: “Remember your end in mind. Your 80th birthday. Who do you want to be then?” 

Their words absorbed my anguish. I felt better and started to discipline myself to work with the routine I had established earlier. In the afternoon, I was on Instagram when I was visited by one of my great role models. “A winner is a dreamer who never gives up,” Nelson Mandela summed it up. While meditating by sunset, I felt loved and supported by great people. I was grateful to be human and to have the gift of imagination. I envisioned myself on the top of a mountain, looking happy and fulfilled. My voice was echoing ‘Thank you’ to every person who had inspired me along my journey. 

If you were to invite people to motivate you in your moments of doubts, whom would you invite, and what would you wish to hear? 


One thought on “6 Empowering Statements To Repeat In Moments of Doubts 

  1. I would invite people who strongly believe in me to tell me that I must be strong & resist any struggles to reach my goal . I know that U R feeling very stressed , but my advice to U is to slow down a bit, take care of Ur health, relax Ur body, Ur mind as well , try to enjoy Ur vacation ❤️


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