The Ten Steps To Excel In Life

“You’re addressing your speech to the wrong audience,” they told me. One of my colleagues had asked me to give grade ten students a session on ‘How to study’. Thinking over the matter, I did a slight change and made it on ‘Why to study’. During my presentation, the students started to interrupt me; asking me to give this session to their parents, not them. “They request from us to study all the time and order us to excel in all subjects.” The sad thing is, I knew they were speaking the truth. I have been there, on the same boat before. 

My students’ responses reminded me why many people live and die without excelling, without reaching their top potentials. To excel we need to have specific goals. Trying to excel in everything is planning to fail in everything. We can do good, or even great in many areas, yet most of us excel in one main field. When parents request from their children to excel in all and they don’t, the end result is a large number of adults with low self-esteem, poor self-confidence, layers of shame and guilt in addition to limited trust in their own capabilities.

To excel, I gave my students advices for their lives not just their studies:

1- Define your top goal

Whether this goal is a certain college, career, promotion..etc

2- Define clear steps

Steps that would get you closer to your goal. It could be studying hard to receive a scholarship or developing a skill to rescue a relationship…etc

3- Manage your time and energy 

Divide your time in a way that will help you achieve your goal and make sure to work for your top goal while your energy is in its best level.

4- Allocate time to things that you dislike 

In most cases, to reach our goals we have to do other stuff that we dislike yet without accomplishing them we won’t reach our goals. I had to pass my biology exam in high school to study Mass Com at university. I disliked Bio and yet I had to give it time.

5- Create the environment

In terms of lightening, working place, coolness or warmth, smell, seating…etc

6- Motivate yourself

Whether by having quotes hung around your working place or a mantra that you repeat every time you start getting bored.

7- Communicate your goal

To your family and friends. Explain that your goal isn’t to excel in all aspects, though working on all and making effort in all, your supreme effort will be devoted to your top goal. Talk it. Walk it.

8- Take the ownership of your goal

Refuse completely to have someone over your head asking you to work on your goal. Own it.

9- Ask for help

Identify who to ask first, pick people whom you like and feel comfortable with. Try to find ones who are passionate about your same goal. Benefit from their expertise. Remember that no one knows it all. 

10- Believe it

Talk as if it already happened. Never belittle yourself. If you doubt it your performance will drop. 
Are you excelling in life right now? What’s your top goal that you’re willing to devote the finest hours of your day – on daily basis – to achieve it? 


6 thoughts on “The Ten Steps To Excel In Life

  1. Going to show this to my son-he’s a student, so many of his friends feel under unreasonable pressure and burdened with expectations..all I ask of him is that he does his best. Love this guide, should be mandatory reading for all students!

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  2. A third great post that should be taught in schools so all students benefit as kids & teens tend to listen more from other persons than their parents, also giving them illustrative examples through little acts or stories help them understand all this so well & be competitive in applying them ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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