9 Guaranteed Steps To Say Goodbye To Tantrums And Mood Swifts 

Did you ever feel down, angry, pissed off or in a bad mood all of a sudden? Well, apparently most of us did. Yesterday I was having a nap when I woke up on a female voice cursing her children. Though living some blocks away, her screams traveled to my ears with the cool air of the summer afternoon. Earlier by noon, I heard her playing with her kids and their giggles drew a smile on my face. Hearing her yelling at night ordering them to fall asleep RIGHT AWAY, I pitied them, and I pitied her. The situation took me back months ago. I was overloaded with work and, refusing to splash my tiresome on my beloved ones, I suppressed my feelings and counted on chocolate and coffee. My daily dosage increased from one of each to five and I became addicted. I had the desire to stop, I just couldn’t put that desire into action. The universe played its role, driving me to a course in which we were invited to answer a body questionnaire. The result was that I acted that way because my body missed GABA. In less than ten minutes on the internet I figured out how to increase the level of this acid in my body. My intake of coffee reduced to one and of chocolate to zero. I integrated in my diet almonds, walnuts, tomatoes and broccoli. I transformed. No more mood shifts. No more tantrums. No more suppression of feelings. That simple? Yes! No doctors, no prescriptions, nothing but feeding my body from what it lacked.

Hearing my neighbour’s tantrum, I concluded some steps to avoid sudden mood shifts:

1- Forgive yourself for the previous tantrums

We are human, we all have our dark moments. Today is a new day.

2- Keep a record with your tantrums

Whether in written notes, voice notes or mental notes, though I don’t recommend the later. Track your mood swifts to identify the patterns. Do they happen in a certain time of the day? Do they happen with some people? In a certain weather? After eating a certain dish? After sweating a lot? After being deprived from water for a certain duration? 

3- Assess your body and identify what it lacks

There are plenty of questionnaires out there. Fill one to understand the way your body reacts and behaves.

4- Spend few minutes inquiring 

Search for ways to fulfil your body needs and select the most convenient to you in terms of accessibility, budget and applicability. 

5- Check your environment

Noises, humidity, poor lighting are factors to be considered.

6- Discuss it with yourself

After a tantrum ask yourself whether your body was the aching one or was it your soul, heart or mind. Many of us go into tantrums due to unfulfilled emotional needs. We explode in simple situations, muttering words unrelated to the real reasons behind our anger. Identify your needs.

7- Communicate your needs

Whether to a busy partner, a distanced friend or a demanding boss. Stand for yourself and communicate your needs, just be crystal clear about them first. Holding into anger is like injecting poison into your body and allowing it to grow and expand in your cells.

8- Put your knowledge into practice 

Do whatever it takes. Adjust your environment, add a new ingredient to your diet, drink water,nap for 20 minutes..etc

9- Love yourself

Cuddle yourself, hug it, tap on your shoulder. Tell yourself it’s ok to have a tantrum every now and then. Then lend yourself a compassionate hand and start filling in the gaps to help yourself become calmer and more relaxed.

Our beloved ones deserve the effort, if we fail to do it for ourselves, let’s do it for them. Let’s never curse our family members for our unfulfilled needs.

To answer the same questionnaire I had, scroll down this link till the part of Nourish your body:


5 thoughts on “9 Guaranteed Steps To Say Goodbye To Tantrums And Mood Swifts 

  1. Unfortunately it happens a lot as we R getting older & their needs R being sooo much beyond limits & in this fast developing world , life is becoming soo hard on us & them 🤔🤔🤔


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