The One Message You Would Share With The World That Sums Up Your Whole Life

When was your last time to daydream? Many writers and self-help books claim that what we imagine, daydream and envision becomes true as our subconscious starts to elevate our performance to the level of our dreams. And since our subconscious mind works 95% of our life, then our future merely depends on the dreams we visualise.Yesterday I had an overcharged day with familial duties. My body was aching and my soul too. I took a walk to the beach and my heart was longing to meditate. I sat on the soft sand and thought of trying the silent-still meditation I read about lately. Under the clear sky and right in front of the about-to-set sun, my inner voice started to dream. ‘You shall reach millions,’ it echoed, repeating the words of one of my very dear friends who was my best companion in the journey of crafting my first novel. My mind tried to resist – as usual – thinking by logic and limiting my subconscious dreams. My inner voice kept repeating: ‘Reach millions, reach millions.’ And I started to imagine myself giving a public speech in a large auditorium. I began to listen to the words my dream-self was speaking. I paid attention to the message she was sharing with the world and it was as follows: ‘Love your children and teens as they are. Love them without conditions. Try hard to understand them. Accept them with their flaws. Embrace them with their stumbles and mistakes. Appreciate them with their limitations. Reach them with love. Fear would let you lose them and would let them lose themselves. Stop raising them with anger. Water them with compassion. Nurture them with absolute belief in their genius. Stop coating them with shame. Stop entrapping them in guilt. Stop saying ‘you didn’t and you can’t’. Stop torturing them. Stop suffocating their existence. Cherish them. Precious them. Honour how different they are from the crowd. In those differences lie their uniqueness. Don’t ask them to be like others to fit. Teach them to be themselves to boom. Help them discover the gold within. Let them Be, let them shine.’ 

This was the message my inner voice dreamt of sharing with billions, not just millions. Many people live confused and die lost from the way they were raised. We ought to change the world by watering our seeds with love. Only love.

What’s your message? If you had the chance to share a message with millions, what would it be? 


9 thoughts on “The One Message You Would Share With The World That Sums Up Your Whole Life

  1. My message could be to spread love & kindness around us till it reach all the world , treat others as we want to be treated , do our best in everything ( ุงู† ุงู„ู„ู‡ ูŠุญุจ ุงุฐุง ุนู…ู„ ุงุญุฏูƒู… ุนู…ู„ุง ุงู† ูŠุชู‚ู†ู‡ ) . I want everyone , specially women to search for the reason she was created for, her passion & reach it to find her inner peace , happiness & feel useful to others while nurturing her soul with the sense of saturation that success brings with it, the main idea is not mainly gaining money as the feeling of complete satisfaction can’t be weighted ๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡

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