The Essential Step To Discover The Gold We Carry Within

How many layers are covering the gold in you? My fifteen-year-old daughter just shared with me the story of the Golden Buddha statue that was undervalued for the layers of clay that covered it, however, it was made out of pure gold and its value was extremely high. ‘Each one is unique and has great value. No matter how he looks or how people make him feel, he must believe in himself and let his gold shine from within,’ she added. My conversation with my daughter temped me to read the full story and consider its morale lessons. I easily related how many people covered me in my childhood with layers of fear, self-doubt, shame and guilt. I used to feel bad, worthless and less than my siblings and schoolmates.The sad thing is, people never stopped. Some are real artists in poisoning others; always giving them negative feedback, framing and labelling them. Though I am forty, people still try to cover me with negative layers, judging me, analysing my actions and expecting from me to act the way they want or else I be coated with extra layers of negative descriptions.

The good news is, I became more mature, I learned my lesson well and I no longer feel irritated with the layers people try to cover me with. I am in a happy journey of discovering the gold I hold within. I made a paradigm shift. When someone tries to label or frame me, I understand that it has nothing to do with me, it’s all about him who, instead of investing his life discovering his gold, spends long time blaming others and framing them. 

My daughter’s story provoked me. We ought to play deaf with toxic people who destroy our self-esteem and devote ourselves in discovering our own gold and passionately use it for the best of humankind.

To read more about the story of the golden Buddha click here:


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