The Twenty Two Steps Leading to Success, Happiness and Fulfillment

If you were asked to introduce yourself to the world, how long would it take you and what would you say? Would you be talking about your education, your career, your post and your wealth? Or would you be talking about your family, your children and your friends. A couple of years ago I did this activity with a group of teenagers, asking each one to introduce himself in one minute. The average time they took was twenty seconds and all of them talked about their school, their grade and their favourite hobby in best cases. The activity left me alarmed; how many people lived and even died almost ignorant when it came to self-awareness. 

Reading lately a law of spiritual success called ‘The Law of Potentiality’, the author advocated to the importance of having self-referral and not objects-referral. It means to look at oneself in detachment of what we own, the titles we have and any other materialistic things. That we become more aware of ourselves and our real potentials. He invited the readers to think of themselves in terms of: ‘What would I still have if I lost all what I currently owned.’

To live a life of success, happiness and fulfilment, I invite you to start by knowing who you truly are, your true potential and your worth. You might use mind maps or bulleted points exploring many areas such as:
1- The values you stand for

2- Your personality type 

3- Your nature

4- Your strengths

5- Your weaknesses

6- Your learning styles

7- Your fears

8- Your favourite hobbies

9- Your talents

10- Your skills

11- Your favourite quotes

12- The ways in which you like to receive love and give love

13- The qualities you admire the most in other people 

14- Your role models and your heroes

15- The things that annoy you the most

16- What makes you happy on the short term and the long term

17- The lessons you learned from the painful experiences you had

18- Your peak experiences

19- Your dreams

20- Your gift (The one thing you do easily at your absolute best)

21- Your purpose in life

22- The legacy you wish to leave after your death
You’re most welcomed to add more points that might help us become more aware of ourselves. 

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