How To Generate Wealth, Joy and Success

“What’s the income from today’s clinic?” “There was no income.” “Why, didn’t you have patients?” “No Madame, the place was full, but tonight they were all cases.” When I was a little girl I overheard this conversation between my mother and my father’s assistant. Being the daughter of a famous surgeon, one of the many taxes my sisters and I had paid was not seeing our dad before sleeping. He never made it home before midnight. His clinic was always full. He was workaholic, I thought. Unable to understand the term of ‘cases’, my mum had explained to me that they were people unable to pay for the examination; they were poor. Back then I wondered how my father would spend days treating people for free while remaining wealthy. As a child, my understanding of wealth was simple; the higher your charges are the wealthier you become. It didn’t work like that for my father, it worked the other way round.Yesterday while reading “The seven spiritual laws of success”, I found the answer to my childhood riddle between its lines. It was the law of Dharma. My father wasn’t workaholic, he was answering his calling, he was living a life of purpose. According to this law, we aren’t human beings that have occasional spiritual experiences. We are spiritual beings that have occasional human experiences. Hence, we would generate all the wealth we want, true joy and true meaning of success by thinking of our gifts in terms of ‘How can I serve? How can I help?’ instead of ‘What’s in it for me?’. This was my father’s way to wealth and success. He consistently used his genius in surgery to serve and to help. He wasn’t driven by his ego, he was driven by his spirit. He lived for a cause bigger than himself and his own family. These pages that I just read made me find peace with my deceased father. Comprehending that choosing his work over us was an act of selflessness not an act of selfishness. He left a legacy of contribution and he was a living example of the law of Dharma. He lived to give and he’s still alive in the hearts of his ‘cases’. 


7 thoughts on “How To Generate Wealth, Joy and Success

  1. His story of life would be so helpful for teens to show them a real role model of a doctor passionate about his work . Loved this article sooo much πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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