The Universe Hidden Messages

What’s the first thing that appeals to your mind when you hear the word ‘gift’?
Reading Steve Harvey’s amazing book ‘Act like a success, think like a success’, I spent days thinking of my gift, unable to identify it. Before reading this valuable book, I had heard about hobbies, interests, talents, skills and passion yet the ‘personal gift’ – in the way he defined it – was new to my ears. In his book, Harvey clarified that each person has a gift that represents him, something that he would bring to the table every time he engages in a task, a project or a team. It’s something that comes to him naturally and that he does it easily to his absolute best. Believing that I had a high level of self-awareness, I felt frustrated unable to figure out my gift.
Days went on and the question kept urging me to break its secret till I read the following quote on Facebook: ‘Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.’ I exhaled my confusion and felt energised. “This is it,”I shouted out, “I discovered my gift!”
In the days that followed, I started to rethink of my life and its purpose, the legacy I wished to leave, my passion, my current job and my vision for my career path. I started to think of what I want to do, what I wish to do and what I should do with this life changing discovery. I spent time thinking of my community, its problems and the areas that need development and how I might use my newly discovered gift in a way that would make a real impact. These thoughts astonished me; just a simple sentence I read on Facebook last September turned my fire on to write my first novel. And now, another sentence also on Facebook enabled me to identify my gift and urged me to reflect on my life and start daydreaming of new milestones.
Are there sentences that touched you deeply and motivated you to make life changing decisions?


6 thoughts on “The Universe Hidden Messages

  1. Great post. Society talks about finding your talents, but usually those talents tend to relate to athletics or entertainment. People have talents in many areas, but they may take years to discover.

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  2. I didn’t recognize a specific sentence but I feel it from people’s comments to me , U R elegant,U have a great taste, U look younger than Ur age, U care about details , choose quality items , nice style….. I wish that women knows how to dress, what,when, which … It’s not a matter of expensive , it’s a matter of something suitable for the right place & occasion that reflects Ur personality ❤️❤️❤️

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