Twelve Tips For Living An Extraordinary Life

Finally my need was fulfilled after many months! One of the things I learned about myself is my need to commune with the sea so often. I frequently hear my inner voice calling for the beach, pleading to listen to the waves and stare at the far away horizon. Yesterday my wish was finally granted and my dear friend, the sea, and me met again after a long period of separation. I stood barefoot by its shore and it asked me to open up. ‘It was a very tough year,’ I complained. Working as an educator, I always refer to a school year which – for me – starts in August and ends in July. ‘I know,’ the sea answered. ‘I am so exhausted,’ I added. ‘Yes. It’s normal,’ my friend replied. ‘And I’m tired,’ I went on. ‘And?’ it wondered. I stood puzzled. I came to the sea with my tiresome, hoping to dissolve in its layers of wisdom, to wash out my fatigue and to come out coated with inner peace. The conversation stopped, I took some steps forward on the wet sand and a little brunette girl absorbed my attention. Her silhouette reminded me with myself, sitting by the same Mediterranean Sea, digging holes and refusing to sit under the shade. A smile found its way to my lips. I imagined myself now, at the age of forty, talking to my younger self. I whispered in her ear, telling her that everything will be okay, that an incredible future is awaiting for her and that one day, thirty years later, she will be sitting by the same sea tired and exhausted while celebrating the manifestation of her childhood dream of writing a novel. I crafted for her its title on the soft surface, ‘Fabulous Veils’ it read.  I went back to the water, I dipped my feet in it and played with its waves. My wise secret keeper asked me to give him my oath and I instantly surrendered. I promised never to settle for playing little. Never to belittle myself. To believe in all my dreams. To pursue them. To pay no attention to the naysayers. To surround myself with passionate people. I promised not only to live up to my dreams, to surpass them. I vowed to keep learning, developing, progressing, growing and inspiring till my last breath.


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