The One Minute Video That Stirred My Childhood Memories 

Watching this short video, my eyes watered and my emotions were moved. I remembered the many, many times I was put down. I recalled how I was labeled, framed, mocked at, judged and bullied in my childhood and teenage. I spent many years of my life as a fearful, shy soul with poor self-esteem and very low self-confidence. Hours earlier before watching the video, this same unconfident girl was standing in a room full of more than two hundred people, acting out a sketch with a colleague in an activity requested from her group. She seemed outgoing, confident and happy. She was, it’s true. Never had I imagined that my life will take such detours. How did this miracle happen? At first I was lucky enough to have a couple of teachers who saw the good in me in high school, then some professors at university. I was trained by a couple of great educators at the beginning of my career and I started to gain some confidence from the praise I received from others. This helped me at first. Then, hoping to be a good educator and mother, I had to work on myself and my own development. I started to read self-help books, attending workshops and going through new experiences. I started to take more risks, conquering my fears and stretching my abilities. Now, I insist to stand for my children and my students. I refuse to let them taste the same torturing feelings I had experienced. I try to empower them to become whom they dream of and work on developing their skills and their confidence. I make sure to expose them to various life experiences in order to increase their self-esteem. I wish to become the person who helps them believe in themselves and to be a turning point in their lives. I want to payback to the caring persons who supported me along my journey of transformation by helping many others develop and believe in themselves. 

I pray dearly for a world in which we all examine our words before muttering them so that we become positive turning points in other people’s lives. 

2 thoughts on “The One Minute Video That Stirred My Childhood Memories 

  1. It’s a great feeling of achievement when Ur surroundings tell U , what makes U believe U will succeed , only then U work all Ur power to succeed & show them U R wrong !! Happened to me in opening my fashion project in 2003 & the result was amazing ❤️

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