The Life Lesson I learnt from My Year Eight Students

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has,” did you ever examine this quote yourself? Yesterday I was attending a meeting with dozens of people who had different gifts, the main common thing between us was that we were pursing our passions. By the end of the meeting, the instructor honoured twenty persons who succeeded in the ‘Passion Mission’, which was mainly about collaborating together despite not having same passions and coming out with a profit whether it would be from an event, a workshop, a product or a virtual thing. Watching them, I thought of the great value of synergy, when people work together reaching big dreams just by building on each other’s strengths. The scene took me back years ago to a peak experience I had with my year eight students. They had taught me that it only takes a small group of passionate people to start the ripple that would elevate the world. Back then the students were just done with a community and service project at a school of visually impaired children and while saying their goodbyes, they were informed that the school was in a bad need for a Braille printer. On our way back to our school, the students discussed it together and shouted out: “We CAN.” With the givings I had as their leader, they were talking the impossible. We had couple of months till the end of the school year which included final assessments and the printer was extremely expensive. They insisted that they CAN and my reply was: “If you truly want to make it happen, you will. You will just need to put your heart in it and truly believe that you will make it.” They did it. The journey was a life experience for me, it made me believe in the impossible and believe more in young souls. One of the main secrets behind their success was synergy. Some created art work to be sold and others worked on designing flyers. Some chose to work in the logistics to prepare for a fundraising event and others held games and activities for the guests during the event. Some cooked and baked and others sold. They believed that “Together They Can” and this, from my perception, was what made them succeed. The sad thing is that when turning into adults, many people start doubting others, preferring to work independently, forgetting that this will deprive them from reaching great successes because no matter how a person is talented or gifted, he will always have his flaws and limitations. 

Do you believe in synergy? Did you ever put it into practice? 


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