The Life Changing Prayer

How often do your prayers get answered? Did you ever regret a prayer after reaping its fruits? Fifteen years ago, same date like today, one of my most sincere prayers was answered, my world was painted in pink and my familial life turned from a calm one like a river surface into an agitated one like an excited sea. Giving birth to my daughter turned my life upside down, having her so different in nature than my partner, my son and myself, I had to walk a long path of learning how to be a good parent for a child who has a unique and special nature. I had to read many books on parenting, I had to bury any strategies I used with her sibling, I had to forget any methods my mum used to raise my sisters and me and I had to consult a Counselor to ensure that I neither spoil her nor suffocate her existence. It was one of the toughest tasks I handled in my life in which I trained myself to become more open minded, less demanding, much more tolerant and patient. Today, after fifteen years of continuous work I celebrate every single moment I spent on learning how to be a good mother. I celebrate having my daughter, who is blossoming in every possible way and who became a great source of happiness and pride to our little family. My girl, months ago, was the flame that turned my fire on. With her discussions on her limited rights and her complaints from gender inequality in our community, she urged me to think deeply and reexamine my frame of reference and my beliefs. Her girly conversations and our daughter-and-mum talks urged me to speak out loud for her, scribbling the lines of my first novel, revealing the oppression Egyptian females suffer from and the rotten beliefs that are still nesting in many families, no matter how educated they are or how civilised they claim to be.

I dedicated my novel to my daughter, who was a prayer that was answered, who was, and still, a journey of challenges and growth for me as a mother and as a human being and who is my hope in a better future of gender equality, freedom and social contribution. I will remain forever indebted to her for being my greatest source of inspiration in making my childhood dream of writing a novel comes true. 

What do you pray for nowadays? Pray believing that your petitions will be answered and you will be astonished with the results. 


2 thoughts on “The Life Changing Prayer

  1. I loved Ur story & loved the idea that U reflected her talks & turned them into an aim to fight for & change ❤️ I always pray that God do the best for me as no one knows what’s best for him more than God .


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