The Real Reason 

How do you feel right now? To which extent are you connected to your feelings and how do you deal with them? Do you acknowledge or deny them? If you were asked to write a sentence summing up your feelings about your past, before this current moment, which feeling would be the most dominant? Would it be a positive feeling like pride, happiness, satisfaction or a negative one like regret, sorrow, shame, or guilt? Watching a talk for Tony Robbins, he advocated for the power of emotions ensuring that what pushed any human being to act is his feelings. He explained that the number one reason for people not achieving their goals wasn’t a lack of resources yet a lack of emotion. “If we get the right emotion, we will be able to do anything,” he shouted out. 

What do you wish to achieve in your future starting from this moment? Do you want it to be a duplication of your previous years, or do you hope to play bigger, to live better, to give more and contribute on a larger scale? What is the number one emotion that would fuel you to live the life of your dreams? 

Writing my personal mission statement years ago, it included several principles, verbs, dreams and emotions. After living it out for many years while dealing with many souls and young adults, I figured out that my number one emotion that drove me along my journey and made me surpass my dreams was love; unconditional love. Whatever I did, I did it out of love; genuine care and sincere compassion.

What’s the emotion that would energise you to become truly alive and surpass your dreams? 

Don’t let your emotions control you, let them excite you, let them turn your fire on.


One thought on “The Real Reason 

  1. My feelings about the past R a combination of all those U mentioned & for my future I hope to include all what U mentioned applying all the experiences & lessons learned from the past . Peace & Love R the greatest powerful emotions that should move all human beings to do their best as God asked us to do ❤️

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