The Secret To Surpassing Your Dreams

What’s the story you will be telling your grandchildren and grand grandchildren? Your life story, I mean, will it be interesting enough for them to hear it? Will it be inspiring? If yes, in which way? Watching a speech for Lisa Nichols yesterday, she recalled her grandmother asking her at the age of fifteen to go make her life story worth telling to her grand grandchildren. She greatly did. Back then, when she was a teen, she just had a dream and a grandmother who genuinely listened to her, who encouraged her to dream big, to persist in hard times and to believe that winners never quit and quitters never win. Lisa’s dream was to become a speaker, her granny asked her to write speeches that would reach millions. She did. She saved millions of lives, surpassed all her dreams and created a story that we ought to share with our grandchildren and grand grandchildren. What’s your life story? It doesn’t matter if you hadn’t started yet, what matters the most is that you be clear about your own dream, about the story of your own life not of someone’s else. Your dream should turn your fire on, should make you exile your comfort zone and should let your heart rock of excitement just imagining making it true. 

Lisa was clear about her dream, she practised, she struggled, she stumbled, she learned, she developed, she performed, she persisted and she excelled. What about you?

Imagine yourself sitting with half a dozen of children who are listening to your story, what would inspire them the most? The titles you got, the certificates you hanged on your walls, your several bank accounts, your large house, your branded clothes, or your first-class car?

There is nothing bad in living a first-class life, we just need to remember that this is a mean not an end and that the long tough journey we take till reaching the top is the real source of inspiration for others. 

The actions we do in our daily lives are forming the lines of our story, are you crafting inspiring lines? 


One thought on “The Secret To Surpassing Your Dreams

  1. It was always my vision to leave useful prints & inspiring life story for the whole world , I entered many battles & still didn’t reach my biggest dream but really will never loose hope of achieving it πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™


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