The 7 Lessons I learned From My Grandmother That Changed My Life

How many elderly people do you have in your circles? And to which extent do they inspire you?When I was a little kid, my parents used to travel abroad and leave me with my grandma during the summer vacations. I had great time with her, she was so energetic, active and full of life. She had numerous friends and she seemed to be truly alive. Years later, she was operated after suffering from her thigh joint and her life changed one-eighty degrees. She simply surrendered to her growing fears, she didn’t commit to physiotherapy and she transformed from an active person into a home-prisoner spending her time between TV and phone calls. Thirty years had passed since she changed her joint and she’s still living the same life; TV and phone calls in addition to many other physical and psychological diseases due to her lack of activity. Seeing her in such a state, I used to feel so sad and angry at life for being so cruel to my Granny. A couple of years ago I was leading a service project for elderly people which changed my paradigms. I no longer felt angry for my Grandma and I learned my lessons:

1- Never surrender to a disease or an illness that you can beat and recover; present pain better than future sorrow

2- Have meaning in your life; live for a cause, a purpose which you can carry on till your last breath. Don’t spend your life just having fun

3- Force yourself to move, to act and to have a social life even when you feel like staying home doing nothing. Your future self will thank you sincerely

4- Watch your thoughts because your body follows your brain and performs in accordance to the quality of your worries and fears. Tell yourself I can and I will. Keep a youthful mind even when your body is ageing

5- Get prepared to hard times; develop a hobby you can enjoy on your own even when you’re physically weak

6- Befriend yourself, learn to enjoy your own company, figure out the things that brings joy to your heart; whether it’s music, knitting, painting or just observing the clouds

7- Never play the victim, because no one ever will be able to help you unless you start helping yourself first


2 thoughts on “The 7 Lessons I learned From My Grandmother That Changed My Life

  1. One of the best blogs my dear ❤️ Ur words R really very well picked & that what I really have in mind always . I also got it by watching other role models of elderly people as tante 3enayat , tante Tata Elwan , tante Mohga Badran , tante Effat Nihal Chahine & my precious mum Shahinaz Sharaf. They R strong women who stood for themselves & never played the victim but they gave me hints of how I want to grow old in a great way 🙏

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