The Six Questions

Do you find it easy to make decisions? Each day we are faced with situations, opportunities or even errands in which we must decide whether we accept or decline. It could be as simple as hanging out with friends versus watching TV and it could be complicated such as quitting a job or moving to another country. The question is how to easily make decisions that we won’t regret in the future and that will let us live peaceful in our present moment? In the book of ‘Act like a success’, Steve Harvey introduced the ‘No test’, which included six basic questions to help a person decide on anything offered to him:

Does it move you closer to your vision board?, does it support your gift?, does it conflict with another task on your vision board?, does it benefit both you and other parties involved, does it conflict with a moral belief?, are you being fairly compensated for it? 

For the ones who aren’t familiar with the term of ‘vision board’; it’s a board on which the person includes pictures directly connected to his dreams in all areas that are most important to him in his life. This board will ensure that he’s clear about his vision in life and accordingly his subconscious will align his performance to the level of his dreams. Accordingly, to make correct decisions, we need to be at first clear about our life and what matters to us the most.

On my vision board, I have my children as one of my most important areas in my life. I am keen to help them develop and unleash their gifts and talents. When my daughter requested to volunteer in a charity activity, my prompt answer was a yes, though it will cost me precious hours from my weekend to drive her, yet knowing that it’s aligned to my vision board, the decision was easy. This was a simple situation, how about the big questions in our lives? To go for divorce or work hard to restore the relation with our partner? To take a job that will let us absent from the lives of our beloved ones most of the time or to turn the offer down?

To make good decisions, we need to be clear first about our lives; who we are, whom we want to become and how we want to be remembered. 


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