The Five Stages

Did you ever read something that affected your life? Whether it’s a book, an article or even a post on social media? To which extent did it affect you and why this piece of writing in particular?Reading had been my favourite hobby since I was a child, reading books. Back then, I used to read books for leisure, they helped widen my imagination and clarify how the world worked. When I started my little family, my choices for books altered; I started picking books about marriage, families and raising kids. 

Though reading books makes me happy, I don’t consider it a fulfilling experience unless I put the book into practice; integrating it in my daily life. To reach this aim, I pass through several stages of reading. First, I highlight the sentences that inspire me and open my eyes to new paradigms. Second, when I am done with the book, I type all the highlighted sentences on a word file and save it for future inspirations, so that whenever I want to go back to the book, I refer to its essence. Third, I summarise the main chapters of the book and important sections in a mind map, this helps me keep an overview of the book and its content. Fourth, I sketch a mind map with the title of the book followed by ‘in action’. In this mind map I start identifying the actions I will do to apply what I learned from the book in my daily life. Actions usually include things related to the book itself in addition to further readings or inquiries, as in most of the books I read authors recommend other books or resources. Actions also include sharing what I learned with someone, cause I learned that when we teach we better learn, in addition to reflecting regularly on my actions to identify where did I stumble and celebrate any baby steps I adopted. Finally, I visit my action mind map on weekly basis to ensure that I’m working out what I read.

It sounds complicated, like anything to tend to do at first, however, after practicing it several times it becomes easy and life changing. 

The most important point in all that is selecting the book itself; what’s the book that may improve the quality of your life if you put it into action? What are the things that would make you happier if you adopt them in your life. The road is long and hard sometimes, however, the journey of self-help is an exhilarating experience.


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