The Peak

‘How do you feel in peak experiences?’ was the one question I couldn’t answer out of the fourteen the speaker had posed in a life transforming session I attended months ago. Hearing this expression for the first time, I needed to understand it well to be able to answer it appropriately hoping to better know myself. 

Doing a simple inquiry in the days that followed, I found out that peak experiences mean the experiences that were deeply moving, exciting, oceanic, exhilarating and elevating. They are mystic and magical in their effect on the person. In peak experiences the person reaches his full potentials. Those experiences can vary from simple activities to intense events. After reading about the term, I identified ten events which had these effects on me, however, answering the second part of the question was still hard, I found myself varying between feeling happy, excited and challenged, lacking the ability to express my feelings in other words. I had to go back and search for various feelings and I found something called the wheel of emotions, I started to look for the exact feelings I had in each experience.

Answering this question consumed an hour from my life that I deeply cherish, it was a real eye opener; it helped me understand myself better, what mattered to me the most and what my life stands for. 

What are your peak experiences and how did you feel? You’re welcomed to share your answers with us.


3 thoughts on “The Peak

  1. My peak experience was the opening of my first collection of clothes exhibition in 2003 , I was surprised with the number of people who attended & made orders beyond my expectations for my first time , they believed in my talent by noticing my taste. Although I am a doctor & this is only a passion not done after learning but it is done with LOVE & full potentials & not aiming wealth as much as building a name, a reputation , trust . Words of appreciation I use to get from my clients were really nurturing me & pushing me to do more & more , to innovate , there was synergy between their words & my work that lead to the sky that has no limits ❤️❤️❤️

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