The Inspirations

‘What inspires you?’ was a question I read yesterday at one of the blogs I follow and truly like. I started to write my comment in reply to this question, stating the things that inspire me, then a technical error happened and my comment was deleted. When I started replying at first, I didn’t think that my inspirations came from so many sources. Feeling grateful, I thought of sharing my inspirations here with you. First, I get inspired from big role models who stood for causes and left a legacy behind them like Mandela, Mother Theresa, Gandhi and the Dalai Lama. Second, I get inspired from life-changing books and their authors, who walk their talks and model what they preach, like the books of Stephen R. Covey and many others. Third, I get inspired from people who stand strong despite all the challenges they encounter, like the visually impaired, the deaf and mute, the refugees and the cancer patients whom I deal with in my professional life. Fourth, I get inspired from performances and events involving several participants, feeling stunned with how people can reach great things when they collaborate and synergise together. Fifth, I get inspired from creative work like paintings, art work, music, talent shows and inventions, impressed with the human brain and the different talents human beings possess. Sixth, I get inspired from the concept of parenthood, how people know ahead the sacrifices they have to make when getting kids and how many try hard to carry on persistently for the sake of their little ones. Seventh, I get inspired from movies and the moral messages embedded and communicated through the scenes. Eighth, I get inspired from the universe, from the sun that brightens my life daily never getting tired, the palms that stand in pride despite the changes of the weather and the flowers beautifully created in different colours and odours. Ninth, I get inspired from animals, from the cows that surrender to young shepherds, from my dog which welcomes me warmly even after leaving it home alone for long hours. Tenth, I get inspired from my partner who teaches me by practice the meaning of a parent and the great impact of a father when he exists in his children’s daily lives and embraces them with unconditional love. Eleventh, I get inspired from my son who never surrender to peer pressure, who communicates honestly who he is and what he stands for, holding no fear or worries of being judged for being different and for not following the crowd. Twelfth, I get inspired from my daughter, who, despite being in her teenage, has high self-awareness, who puts no limits to her dreams, and who spends her life trying her best to balance between her school work, her multiple talents, her social life and serving others. 


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