The Award

When was your last time to notice beauty around you? How often do you observe the colour of the sky, the shape of the clouds, the flow of the river or the palms and trees.Yesterday I went shopping and my son offered to join me. On our way back, I invited him to contemplate the flowers displayed at the flower shop and to select the one he liked the most. 

I asked him then to give her an award. Seeing him puzzled, I shared with him what I had learned in a workshop called the ‘Happiness Puzzle’; we live our lives in a hurry, paying negligible attention to our surroundings and if we don’t slow down, we will reach the end one day discovering that we weren’t truly alive. We need to slow our pace, observe the beauty around us, live in the moment and fuel ourselves with little and simple things that would nourish our souls. It took us two minutes, cost us nothing and filled our hearts with peace and contentment. 

Do you feel alive? Are your existing in the moment? Are you satisfied with your life and the way you lead it? If not, it’s never too late for little changes, start with baby steps and watch your life alter. 


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