The Journal

What are the challenges you face most of your days? Are they the same or do they differ from weekdays to weekends? How do you feel while facing them? Energised and happy that you overcame them or tired, stressed and frustrated?Today I started a new journal. My journal is a simple copybook in which I write early in the morning every single day. Before starting to write in my new journal today, I flipped the pages of the one I finished and read the first page I had written back on the twenty first of November 2015. Reading the lines I had scribbled months ago I felt happy. Journaling had changed me. Starting my days by writing what I have to do and the challenges I expect to face made me aware of my likes and dislikes, made me more committed to doing things even if I lacked the energy or didn’t feel well cause they were directly aligned with my personal mission statement, it made me consistent in putting first things first and attentive to my priorities, it ensured that I remained driven by my values not my moods. The things I loved the most in journaling was understanding myself better. When I had tough days I would challenge myself to live them with patience, I would identify ahead some strategies to help me live them courageously. Trying my strategies, I started to figure what worked for me and when. I comprehended when listening to music would be enough to face my day and when yoga, exercises or a comic show was what I needed. Journaling have helped me break the code to reach myself, discipline it and live my life happily and relaxed. 

Did you ever try journaling? It isn’t a diary in which you write what happened, it’s a place where you write what’s waiting for you ahead and what you plan to do to make your day one that truly counts in your precious life.


3 thoughts on “The Journal

  1. Daily journaling is hard for me as any Change in my family members plan affect my plan , I just plan many tasks & finish as much as possible according to the circumstances & time possible ❤️

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    • Then just start with day with objectives like
      Show love to my partner, help my daughter, care for my son, do something I enjoy, call a beloved one
      Try it and it.. If you don’t like writing, record a vice note for yourself and before sleeping hear it and see which objectives did you meet, if you hadn’t met any, try the next day to meet one. If you had even one met, tap your shoulder or blow a kiss to yourself in the mirror and feel satisfied to meet an objective. Live it one day at time and try to live happy days ❤️


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