The Meal..

What’s your favourite movie? Do you get moved by the characters, their stories or their struggles? Were you ever touched by a value exposed in a movie and it made an impact on your life or the way you see things?I love watching movies. Studying Mass Com, we had a course about analysing movies in which I was taught how to look behind the normal scenes and get the main messages from the films. 

Years after having my own family, movies of elderly people started to touch me deeply. Observing my courageous mother who’s currently living alone after having a house full of life with her partner, her mother, four daughters and a stay-in help, my heart mourns. I think of her and I wonder, how can she eat alone most of her days? Does she really have appetite for food? Yesterday while having a meal with my little family, I wished I had a button to pause the time, to capture this blessing disguised in a normal daily event. I wished to indulge in gratitude for having my beloved ones around, sharing with me the meal and chatting together. The more I get older, the more I wish to slow the flow of time, to cherish the presence of my beloved ones under the same roof, to hear their giggles, contemplate their features and embrace them with unconditional love and infinite gratitude. It’s the simplest events of my day to day life that count the most, cause one day I might be alone, just like the elderlies in movies or my very dear mother. 


6 thoughts on “The Meal..

  1. Very touching my dear ❤️, that’s why I always think that if anyone loose his partner in their elderly period & doesn’t have a life full of work & friends , it’s better to stay in a shelter as a hotel with people of same age & have friends who shares same things, go for excursions , enjoy in a nice way, not waiting for their relatives to look for them in a pity way , who loves them will visit them & call them . May be the idea is tough but can’t imagine myself waiting for a call or a visit from my beloved ones to whom I gave all my life . Life now is sooo busy & I can’t feel that I am neglected . Of course any film I watch leave a lesson, emotion, idea …. in my life , it’s like reading a book ❤️

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