The Nostalgia

Do you long to the past? Do you wish to go back to a certain period in your life? Which period and why this period in specific?Last year I was hit by a wave of nostalgia. I caught myself missing my three sisters and what we used to share together while living under the same roof. I started to think of my mother and figured out that despite her complete devotion to discipline us, she had established some rituals in various events. In Christmas she still get us chocolate Santa, in Easter the chocolate eggs and in the Holy month of Ramadan she used to prepare us her delicious drink of Amar Eldin. All along her journey in life, she was a great role model in helping anyone in need, even if he was a complete stranger. She taught us to be responsible for our own stuff and to give a hand in home chores. 

Watching my memories from a distance, I started to think of some rituals for my little family that my kids would long for and cherish when nostalgia hits them. Last year we started the competition of jars; trying to invest the Holy Month in doing good deeds. Though they are teenagers and I thought they would resist, it turned out great, it brought us closer and we felt useful for others. I added some other rituals about food, drinks and fun, however the thing I cherished the most was going out of oneself and using one’s life in serving and becoming a source of happiness for others.

The jars competition is simple; a jar with the name of each family member, slips of coloured papers, code for the colours like GOD, big family, small family, friends/neighbours and strangers. Each time a member does a good deeds he writes it on the matching colour and adds it to his jar. We compete in filling our jars in a balanced way and by the end of the month we celebrate and reward the winning member.

Do you have rituals in special events or occasions? Are they just about having fun or they expand to benefiting others? 


One thought on “The Nostalgia

  1. We have lots of rituals among our little family that my lovely husband do daily , weekly & in summer vacation but only for fun & leaving special memories . He also has his own rituals weekly & monthly towards helping people . Me & my daughter give help to anyone anytime but not in rituals , it’s a hobby , I got from my mum & she got it from me , it gives us lots of joy . My husband helps people in need & treat needy people for free & with lots of love & care . My son a touching heart towards animals , he just adores them ❤️

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