Taming The Beast

Did you ever try taming a beast, training a pet, or raising a child? Was it an easy task?Self-discipline is as hard as taming a wild beast. It consists on training ourselves on controlling our desires, our feelings and our moods aiming to improve ourselves. In the early stages of our being as children, our parents, teachers and coaches work on disciplining us. Moving into adolescence and then adulthood, it becomes our own responsibility to discipline ourselves if we’re seeking a life of happiness, success and greatness. There are many techniques to practice self-discipline such as setting SMART goals, meditating, exercising, practicing self-accountability, removing temptations and distractions, spending time alone, identifying desired rewards, using the power of daydreaming and imagination and many more. But the main point is; are we ready to discipline ourselves or we’re currently surrendering to our ego and wild selves? Are we happy? 

The journey of self-discipline is hard and tough; to carry ourselves to do what we know is right on the long term while not being truly ready or excited to do it in the present moment. However, its pays off after some commitment and persistence, and its most valuable rewards are self-respect, honour, inner peace, contentment and value based happiness. 


2 thoughts on “Taming The Beast

  1. It seems that I suffered from this along my childhood & teenager period & also among my parents to the extent that I chose to live freely with mainting th life lessons & good behaviors but more free about my schedules , things to accomplish as I learned from my dad to ask myself what I feel like to do & do it , according to my will to do it the perfect way not to schedule !! When I have to follow rules at work or special occasions , I try to respect the schedule as much as possible but for me I don’t prefer to follow strict schedules as we R humans with feelings & desires not robots , so act according to our emotional conditions !! I love to do my duties perfectly & miticulously as I do them with love but when I am angry or depressed it affects what I do !! I know that by rules & discipline, life can be more organized but I am a butterfly 😜 That’s says it all ❤️

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    • It’s great to understand oneself and connect between your childhood and current actions. Just make sure the free butterfly is happy.. That’s the main objective from life. Self-discipline is meant to bring us value based happiness instead of the feel good happiness that doesn’t truly last beyond the moments in which we fulfil our desires.


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