The Victim

Are you playing the victim? Do you complain? How often? If you recorded your conversations during the interval of one day, how would your words taste? We all have our own struggles in life, this is neither hell nor heaven and that’s what makes it a life. Whoever, many of us fall in the trap of thinking that their circumstances are worse than others, forgetting that we are all going through daily tests, only that we were given different sets of challenges to face. 

Dealing with people in my circles, my heart mourns hearing them speaking like victims, reacting to whatever life brings to their plates, complaining that they have no other choices. Many years ago I had read the first habit of highly effective people by Stephen R. Covey. Being proactive truly changed my life. Instead of reacting and complaining, I learned that I was created with four human gifts; self-awareness, creative imagination, conscious, and independent will. Practicing this habit, I turned gradually into a proactive person instead of a reactive one. I learned the difference between the things I can’t change and which I had to accept and deal with according to my conscious and values, and the things I don’t have to accept and which I had to change according to my self-awareness and my independent will. Every time I catch myself complaining I remind myself that I was created free and that I have the power to choose, to respond and to act. That I am response-able and I should never surrender to victimhood. 

Building the habit of being proactive is like any other habit we try to adopt, hard at first then it becomes like second skin by practice. 


4 thoughts on “The Victim

  1. True my dear, but when U feel U R willing to fly high & fast & Ur strings will only allow U to walk slowly on ground،it’s very annoying . The problem is to have an encouraging surrounding & not people who R waiting to blame U on every tiny thing …


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