The Two Minutes

“Papi, do you love me?” “Yes, I do” “No, say it Papi” “Say what?” “Say I love you”.
This conversation happened more than ten years ago between my daughter and my husband. It was an eye opener. Working with human beings from different age groups and backgrounds, I have noticed one common thing between most of us; our poor ability to communicate our feelings verbally.
Dealing with teenagers, I would receive emails with hearts or kisses, but when it came to face to face talks, they wouldn’t open up and say the words my daughter was thirsty to hear. When I told my students that I loved them, very few of them would answer back, while the rest would reply with a nod, a smile, a blushing face or shining eyes.
Yesterday one of my students expressed his love to me in a new language to my ears; the language of talent, the voice of cords and the sound of melodies. Being passionate about music, he offered to play me on his guitar two minutes live during his graduation event from the Middle years. These one hundred and twenty seconds paid off all the effort I have done with his promotion for five years. They were moments that I spent in heaven, not on planet earth. Yesterday I was taught a new language of love.

2 thoughts on “The Two Minutes

  1. Sooo sweet of him my dear, U just taught him to be innovative, to express his love in a way that surprises U as a way of saying thank U & I love U ❤️❤️❤️

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