The Goodbye

Today is the graduation of thirty of my students from Middle school. Teaching them for five full years, we became like a canvas; our souls were weaved together. Goodbyes are always hard and torturing. Knowing that I won’t be working again with their shining eyes, their brights minds, their caring hearts and funny spirits is heartbreaking. Watching them yesterday in their final rehearsals, I felt grateful to them. They had filled my heart with joy, they inspired me with their creativity and their uniqueness, they challenged me to develop, to live with passion and to put my heart in whatever I do. Thirty teenagers belonging to different families and having different characters, desires, talents and needs, have succeeded to reach the goals we set, to achieved the dreams to dared to dream and to make memorable memories that were engraved in my heart. They demonstrated accountability, responsibility and trust. They worked in synergy bringing great results in their community and service projects, and they helped each other in their personal projects. They left a legacy of love, of hope, of faith, of contribution and of passion.Like is the one who works with young minds and pure souls.

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