The Surprise

My daughter made me an unbelievable surprise yesterday. Participating in a project set by the school for year nine students, my son, three years ago, was selected for the finals and he won the first place. This school year, my daughter started her project. Observing her while working, she was stressed, unhappy and overwhelmed. I discussed with her the matter and she said: “I won’t be selected for finals like my brother. I am working hard to be like him.” Her tears tore me apart, seeing her with her different capabilities; an extrovert artist who joins leadership camps and learns Spanish and plays sports and volunteers in service projects, I advised her to live her own life, genuinely. I explained that as parents we never compare our children, we believe each one is unique in his potentials, aims and dreams. I ended the conversation back then advising her to allocate a certain amount of time to work for the project and when it ends she moves to her other activities, just trying to do her best in the duration she sets.

Yesterday was a day to remember in our lives. She won the first prize with her team members. Reaching the second part of the project, she agreed with two classmates to collaborate together and make one project. And together they did it. She used her social skills, the lessons she learned in the camps she joined and synergised with others, brining out more success than her sibling. It was a day to remember; how each human being can make his dreams come true by having a clear goal, understanding and accepting his limitations, synergising with others, doing the best he can and never losing hope. 


13 thoughts on “The Surprise

  1. Congratulations my dear for this great achievement of Ur unique daughter, she is a younger version of U my dear, U taught her well how to lead her life , U did a wonderful job,God bless U all . Wish U all more & more success πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈ

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