The Stumble

How often do you stumble? How do you feel about it? How much time so you spend thinking of your next move instead of taking it and what’s the number of moves you didn’t take fearing that you might stumble? Yesterday I was invited to give a speech on how I overcame the challenges that I faced while writing my novel. Sharing my twenty tips, my sister, on our way back, shared her biggest challenge; the fear of stumbling.

Looking for the definition of such a word I found several meanings: “To miss one’s step in walking, to proceed unsteadily, to make a slip or a mistake, to proceed in a hesitating manner as in action or in speech.”

Rereading the explanation, my mind wandered. I thought of Edison who stumbled 99 times. I thought of world champs who repeatedly stumbled before breaking records. And I thought of myself the many times I stumbled while outlining my novel, sketching my characters and narrating their stories. Stumbling itself brought me pleasure, every time I caught my balance and stood up high for my dream I felt stronger and a strike of positivity energised me. 

Stumbling is the main key to success, avoiding it is choosing a life of regret for playing so little and remaining at point zero. 


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