The One Thing That Changes Everything

The one thing that impacts us 24/7, 365 days a year, it affects the quality of every relationship, every communication, every work, it changes the quality of every present moment and alters the trajectory and outcome of every future moment of our lives, both professionally and personally, is TRUST. This was the first page in my journey with one of the great books I have read in 2010. Holding the 322 pages titled ‘The speed of trust’, I wondered how the author will cover trust in so many pages. It appealed to me that this important value could be covered in an article or even a chapter in a book, not to stand alone in one fat book. How mistaken I was. 

Tackling the concept of trust, the author started by ‘Self-trust’ as a base to be a trustworthy person. Second, he displayed 13 behaviours a person needs to act out to be worthy of trust. The behaviours included: Talking straight, demonstrating respect, creating transparency, righting wrongs, showing loyalty, delivering results, getting better, confronting reality, clarifying expectations, practicing accountability, listening first, keeping commitments and extending trust. 

Studying these behaviours and trying to integrate them in my daily life hugely affected my relationships. 

Check the behaviours again and give yourself a rate from one to thirteen. Is there a behaviour that you can adopt to elevate the quality of your relationships? Do you inspire trust? 

It’s never too late, you can restore trust at any given moment, it’s hard but not impossible as concluded by Stephen M. R. Covey.


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