The Classroom

If you can read this it means that you learned one day, whether at home, in a classroom or under the wide sky. Are you still learning? What is it to learn from the first place? Is it about accumulating knowledge? About getting certificates and having few letters before one’s name giving him a sort of prestige or making him sound professional or trustworthy? “To learn and not to do is really not to learn, and to know and not to do is really not to know,” Covey, the author of the seven habits of highly effective people, wrote.Are we learning? Some people limit their learning to the formal ways; waiting to be taught by a teacher or a professor between walls. I pity them for limiting their learning to such a context. Life is the real classroom, where we can learn our most inspiring lessons and in which we can demonstrate our learning abilities. Though most of us had studied various disciplines, not all what we were taught affected the quality of our lives. Created as free souls, we ought to start designing our own curriculums, identifying what we wish to learn and how we would learn it best. We just need to keep ourselves focused that to learn is really to do, and till we apply what we learn, there is no point or value from wasting time in accumulating knowledge.

What do you wish to do? Start learning it. Life is your laboratory, your senses are your tools and all the elements of the universe are your teachers.


One thought on “The Classroom

  1. I am learning daily from every person I meet, every lesson I learn, every problem I encounter,every pain I feel..God put us guidance through people we meet & direct us through putting us in special exams . We must learn from everything ❤️

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