The Balance

Do you consider yourself a selfish person or selfless one? Months ago I started to crave being alone, though I have known myself as an extrovert, social person. I love being among people, however, I feel unable to start my day without my me time. Why do I long for some quiet time after engaging with others? I asked the psychiatrist I met on a camp I had joined this year. Is it a matter of age? Or my nature changed? His vague answer didn’t solve my riddle, I remained puzzled not receiving a fulfilling answer, worried that it could be an act of selfishness. 

Watching Oprah’s video at Stanford university; I felt relieved. “You need to keep your cup full to be able to give to others”, was her wise answer on balancing between selfishness and selfishness. Her warm speech calmed my growing anguish. 

Caring for oneself isn’t a selfish act as many of us were taught in our childhood. When we keep ourselves in a good state we become capable of giving generously, of caring for others, we become better listeners and more compassionate humans. 

How full is your cup? And more importantly, how do you fill it? With junk food, a coffee and a cigarette? By hanging with your friends complaining from your life, your job, your boss, your partner or your parents?

To be selfless we need to have ourselves on the top of our priority list, Oprah advised, and only then we will be able to fill the cups of the many other people we care for. 


One thought on “The Balance

  1. Totally agree my dear 👍 We wereraised on giving non stop without taking care of ourselves but at some point we feel overloaded & fed up,that’s because we never take care of our own self . Once we start noticing that, we will start feeling happy . “People care about people who care about themselves” ❤️

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