The Sum

Did you ever calculate the sum of one plus one and it gave you a total different than two? Well, one plus one can result in three or more. Yesterday I was driving to work, knowing ahead with the constructions taking place on the only road leading to where I work, I turned on my favourite musical album and started to sing, trying to keep my positive spirit and distract myself from the challenging route. I was observing the blue peaceful sky and the clouds when my eyes caught sight of the workers who were already busy at eight in the morning. Watching them doing different tasks; one driving a bulldozer, two lifting heavy cylinders of irons, one spreading layers of cement, I shifted my sight to the huge half bridge they had built in weeks. I felt stunned. It’s true as Covey said in his 6th habit of effective people that when we work with synergy, one plus one become more than three. 

On my way back, the workers were still sweating, baring the hot weather and the long working hours. Seeing them teaming in harmony energised me and filled me with hope. 

How good are we as family members? As schoolmates or as subordinates? Do we synergise, completing each other, building on our strengths bringing big results to the world? Or we fight, disagree, argue and complain when working with others, making the result of one plus one with a negative sign?


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