The Driver

Who’s currently in charge of driving your life? Is it your ego or your conscious? We were asked to reflect on this question in a workshop I attended with my sister. I had heard before about the ego, however, it was my first time to learn clear techniques to identify if my ego was taking the driver’s seat.

The instructor started by defining ego which in her terms was: “A person’s desire to feel special than others, whether by being superior or inferior.”

Second, she explained that we can identify that our ego is driving us when we compare ourselves to others, when we refuse to listen to others and think we are the right ones or that we know better, when we argue, when we hate to lose and want always to win, when we blame others for our mistakes instead of admitting them and when we enjoy gossiping and pinpointing the faults and mistakes of others. 

Having such clear examples, it became easy for me to watch my ego and to identity exactly when it battles with my conscious trying to take the lead.

Is your ego driving you? How often? To which extent is it affecting your relationships and inner peace? Till when will you allow it to vacuum your energy and time?


2 thoughts on “The Driver

  1. I want to succeed & be known for everybody but not comparing myself to others as every person is unique & I never put in mind that I am always right as we must be open minded to different opinions or advices, as sometimes people outside of Ur circle can C clearer than U as U R inside !! Although I blame others for few actions that affected my life but may be it was my initial reactions or my response to their actions that caused this . Anyway I got lots of experiences,enough to keep me safe from going through same mistakes again & that’s the most important to anyone, to learn from the past & have a better futur ❤️


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