The Competition

Do you like to compete? With whom? And in which fields? In sports, games, studies, career or personal status? When I was a child, I was raised to compete. If I got a grade less than the full mark, my dad would tell me: “Why other classmates get higher grades than you?” And when I poorly performed, my coaches would ask me to observe my peers: “Watch her and learn, why don’t you be as good as her?” I grew up doubting my capabilities, feeling less than others, and having very poor self-esteem. My passion to read good books was my life-saver.

Currently I am in a constant competition. I compete with myself. Great authors spoke to me: “Become the best version of yourself, this is the only competition that should take place and this is the best contribution you will ever do to the world.”

I do. I started to identify my weaknesses and strengths, embracing and celebrating both because together they make me who I am. I confidently started to expose my poor abilities, synergising with my students and colleagues, delivering better results and reaching great successes. 

Though I have spent many years unhappy, feeling less than others and ‘not good enough‘ all the time. Those feelings became my inspiration as a parent and educator. I encourage my children and pupils to compete in the proper way; becoming better versions of themselves while completing each other; building on their strengths in a way that will let their weaknesses dissolve. 

Are you in a competition?


2 thoughts on “The Competition

  1. No dear, I am not in a competition . As I think every one must do his best in everything & at the same time help others to blossom . Each person is gifted with a different way, we must encourage , motivate, help each others with an only aim , which is living in a loving peaceful world ❤️

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