The Educator

Do you believe in the power of words? Do you think that words have a real effect on people’s attitudes, behaviours and actions?When I was in my final year at high school I had to study Biology. I hated it. I never liked this branch of Sciences and was fascinated with Mathematics. The curriculum of this terminal year was awful and I spent months neglecting the subject, putting all my effort to get the full mark in Maths. On my Biology mock exam I got a four out of sixty. I wasn’t surprised, I knew I hadn’t put any effort. Declaring our grades, the teacher, whom I didn’t like and who didn’t like me neither, made me stand up and told me: “I don’t know what’s your problem with Biology, I asked the rest of your teachers and they all said you’re doing well.” I explained proudly that “I HATE Biology.” 

After more than two decades I still remember this educator who took from her time to investigate my problem and to help me despite my careless attitude in her classes. I wish to find her contact and to express to her my deep gratitude. Hearing my words, she acted in a wise, tolerant and caring way, advising me to put some effort in the two remaining months till my finals to get rid of the subject I HATED for a life time instead of repeating the year just to pass this subject. 

I passed my Biology exam with a thirty two out of forty, a miracle. However, what this coach has taught me was a far beyond Biology and grades.

I learned that words are powerful, and that when we speak from our hearts and demonstrate genuine care our chances to reach others are higher. I learned to acknowledge people’s feelings and to use my words only to help them see things from a different perspective. 

Our words can let the impossible possible. It’s a guaranteed formula.


2 thoughts on “The Educator

  1. Totally agree my dear, I am happy that my words inspired others, many persons became soo motivated, many succeeded due to a phone call or a side talk in the street. I feel sooo happy when I make a difference in others life using only words & few mins of my time ❤️❤️❤️

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    • So this another gift of yours cause truly simple words from you said from the heart energise me and motivate me to perform better, to persist, to develop and to do the best I can. Thank you dear mentor ❤️


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