The Voices

Does your inner voice speak to you? How often? Does it whisper, nag, beg or scream? While writing the last chapter in my novel, two of my male side characters kept nagging me. Each one asking me to expose his own perspective and share a precise scene from his side not only from his wife’s side. Revealing in my book the different sorts of oppression females face in my country, one of my peers at the beginning of my journey advised me to be honest and to share both sides, “Do not be biased to women,” she insisted. 

In my last chapter, I remembered her words and heard the husbands asking me to share their points of view as well.

This experience led me to a profound moment of thinking. If even imaginary characters have inner voices, what about us? If they insisted that I share their agony and refused to let me craft the last lines without expressing their voices, what about my own voice? Do I listen to it? Do I express it freely? Clearly? Courageously?

Do we listen to our inner voice? Do we pay attention to its pleads? We already have all the answers we need, I have read once. We just need to dare to acknowledge what we hear. 


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