Did you ever envy others? Old schoolmates, friends, colleagues, bosses or even siblings? If yes, where did those feelings take you? Did they help you become a better version of yourself?Reading about envy, I found out that such feelings don’t stem from hating other people or from being an evil person but they usually stem from inferiority feelings a person experiences when seeing someone else doing better than him. It’s most acute between people where the difference is slight; almost in same age, living in same neighbourhood, playing in same team. In such case, the person thinks he isn’t good enough or that he can’t do like others and bitter feelings dominate him. 

The good news is that even though we all have weak points and that we might envy others at some points of our lives, if we are strong enough, these feelings of envy can become a motive that help us make bigger achievements. The start is that we recognise these feelings and use them positively, remembering that among all feelings envy is considered the most denied one.

Do you feel sometimes envied by others? Why not remembering how envy is a bitter feeling and looking at them with empathy and compassion, guiding them and lifting them up instead of getting angry at them? People who envy others are wounded souls who need kind hearts to fix their cracked confidence.


2 thoughts on “Envy

  1. When I was a kid , I envied our relatives & friends that they spend each summer together in Alexandria while may be they envied us for traveling abroad , as always I felt happier among them not in exploring new places around the world …. When I grew up, I discovered that my dear dad was far sighted & was thinking about teaching us with the best way possible through exploring other foreign countries & having friends around the world. Now , I find myself thinking the same way … Life taught me that God gives each person 24 karat divided in different ways, we must appreciate what he gave us & know how to accept what he kept from us as by time we will C the secret behind that . We must help people who envy others to know that God granted them by different gifts that they R not aware of ❤️

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