The Offer

If you were offered a chance to meet one person for one hour in private, whether he’s alive or dead, whom would you choose? I was asked this question months ago and my answer was my dad who had passed away fifteen years ago. I sincerely wish to have one deep conversation with him. To ask him what I meant for him. To hear him telling me that he loved me back then and that he loves me now, for who I am not what I do or what I had become. To ask him big questions about life, and to listen to his words of wisdom. To tell him that I missed his involvement in my life when he was alive the way I miss him while he is buried. To tell him that I need him, I need to feel the love of my father, his tenderness and care. To watch him play with my children and role modelling for them how to become great contributors. To infect them with his humility, humbleness and his passion for serving the needy and the poor. 

If I had this offer, I would like to spend it with my dad and would pray GOD dearly to slow the time or put the universe on hold. 

What about you? Whom would you like to meet if you had this offer, and why?

4 thoughts on “The Offer

  1. Great post, if I had this offer I would choose my older brother who passed away 6 years ago. I would choose him as he has a Niece he didn’t get to meet before he’s passing and I know he would have made the best uncle. So I would use the hour for him to meet her, I would also like yourself ask GOD to slow down the time a 1hr would not be enough 🙂 would love it if you could check out my post when you get the chance.

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  2. Do U know that it’s a very difficult question !!! I chose Oprah Winfrey as I always C her a role model but I thought that her opinion won’t suit me as she wasn’t married nor had kids !! I thought of Prophet MOHAMED but I thought he won’t give me enough answers to how to deal with our daily struggles with our beloved ones & at the same time , follow our passion to reach success !! I thought of my great dad but still he was a passionate Doctor , eager to learn & gain experience in everything but he wasn’t that successful in his own house, he left all the struggles to our super mum !! If U know anyone who reached success in his career without affecting his beloved ones, I would really like to meet . By the way, may be UUU R the one who is trying hard to do this ❤️

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