Against the Odds..

How often do you pray? And how strong do you believe that your prayer will make a difference?Yesterday I had to take an urgent appointment with my dentist to fix my front tooth who got broken accidentally. Having important commitments, I had to go to work first, which is located on the other side of the Egyptian capital, before going to the doctor. Knowing since I woke up that I will have a challenging day with the expected traffic jams on Mondays and the temperature that was above forty degrees, I knew I needed a powerful force to help me keep my positive mindset and inner peace. Driving to work I started to pray; asking for help, support and mercy. 

Later in the evening, I reflected on my day and how I felt during the past hours and I dwelled in gratitude. I had promised GOD while praying to surrender to whatever my day shall bring and to accept it repeating: “I believe it’s for my mere good even if I don’t see the good in it.”  

GOD, the greatest, supported me with angels; my mum who took the urgent appointment, my sister who supported me with her driver and who remained with me on the phone, guiding me with directions and discussing with me my future plans and my passion. My daughter who prepared lunch for my family and my eldest sister who texted me several times to check on me. The dentist who was professional and punctual, who fixed my tooth in one session leaving it better than it was. 

It took me five hours since I made my early leave at work till I made it home..and during these hours I felt GOD’s mercy.. I felt embraced with grace. Despite all expected odds, my day was a life lesson in the power of prayer.


One thought on “Against the Odds..

  1. Great to hear that my dear, I always believes in God’s will, whatever happens , it’s always for our best. I always ask God during my prayers to do the best for me & my beloved ones, guide us , keep any harm away …🙏🙏🙏

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