The Neighbour 

Do you overhear people talking accidentally? How often? Unfortunately I do and it happens on regular basis. The voice of one my neighbours became like a ghost haunting me and threatening my inner peace. Between the walls of my bathroom I happen to hear her working at her kitchen. Despite the several levels separating us, her yells are so loud to be missed. While leaving my building sometimes, I stumble upon her three adolescents. I look at them and I wonder how these innocent young souls bare all these scolds and insults. I observe their shy nature and question if there is a way to rescue them. I feel twists in my stomach thinking of them coming home after their long schooldays to be embraced with cries, shouts, anger and reprimands instead of being hugged, kissed and warmly welcomed. 

Working as an educator and being fascinated by teenagers, I thought of interfering. “Mind your own business,” my mother and my partner advised me. Till when? I wondered. How could a teenager survive such a life? Living under constant yells and shouts? Why type of person would he become? And what type parent will he turn to? 

Listening to their advice, I decided not to send an anonymous letter to my neighbour. However, I made up my mind to pray GOD for them all. I just can’t stand still hearing her daily tantrums. 

If you are a parent, do you yell at your children? If you are not, were your parents used to yell at you?

I wish parents balance between children’s psychological and biological needs, giving them both equal attention. 


2 thoughts on “The Neighbour 

  1. Unfortunately I use to yell a lot but gradually I tried to breath & take into consideration their needs & feeling but still , when they cross the limits , I increase my voice to stop them . Yes, my parents used to yell at me 😔

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    • Great… How did you feel when your parents yelled at you? Did it encourage you to listen and cooperate? Did it make you obey?
      Try whispering it scares more, just stand very close and look in the eye.


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