The most important thing

One of the common things between all human beings is passing through a stage called childhood. Whether we lived with our biological parents or not, we all had certain guardians to care for us. Though various elements contribute in forming our characters, one of the main factors is the way we were raised. I was thinking of my children lately and a question popped to my mind; what is the most important thing I had taught them? Whether I have done it through direct preaching or role modelling. Giving it some time, the answer appealed to me. From my modest perspective, Self-awareness is one of the most important things parents need to teach to their kids. Guiding them to become aware of themselves; their values, their nature, their feelings, their needs, their desires, their interests, their preferences, their talents, their dreams, their weaknesses, their strengths, their fears, their limitations, their learning styles, their love languages and the list goes on. Having high self-awareness is like having a manual to make oneself function properly, achieve greatly and blossom genuinely. From your perspective, what’s the one thing you wished your parents or guardians had taught you? It’s never too late, start with baby steps and teach it to yourself. 


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