The Code of Conduct 

How is your life right now? Is it great, good, fair, normal, boring, horrible? Imagine having the opportunity to live a great life, would you give it a try? 

Well, six months ago I did and my life altered. 

It all started with a lesson I read in one of Sharma’s books in which he wrote: “To create a great life, you must live more intentionally, deliberately and passionately so that you live on your own terms rather than someone else’s.” The author invited his readers to write down what he called a Code of Conduct. In few lines they would outline their deepest values, remind themselves with the things that matter most and identify their priorities. Then they would start everyday by reading their code of conduct and living up to it. 

To script my personal code of conduct, I had to identify first my values, my priorities and what matters to me the most. Then I went on crafting it and here what I got in November 2015 and can’t thank Robin Sharma enough for such a profound life-changing lesson:

‘During the coming hours of my day I commit to hold to my values. To precious my time. To pay attention to my health and to live my life to the fullest. I will meditate five minutes during my day. I will pay attention to my breathing. I will replace my negative thoughts with positive ones. I will monitor my stress levels and act accordingly; moving, exercising, drinking water, listening to music to decrease stress. I will do more of what makes me happy like learning new things, writing, reading, watching youtube videos or TED talks, colouring, hanging with my sisters and spending time with my family. I will appreciate my blessings and use them well, I won’t take them for granted. I will live mindfully while walking, eating, drinking and living. I will pay attention to my senses and cherish them. I will watch my tongue, avoid gossiping, and will carry my own weather. I will put deposits in the accounts of the people I love and the ones I deal with. I will tell the people I love that I love them. I will start and end my day praying GOD and expressing gratitude.’
Are you satisfied with your life right now? If not, try having your own code of conduct and see how it will take your life to a new dimension not just a higher level. 


2 thoughts on “The Code of Conduct 

  1. Great article my dear 👍👍👍, can’t imagine doing all that in one day , I always feel U have an extremely busy schedule, I know that U love it but I prefer being more relaxed in my day … I know that U R living Ur life to the fullest & I am missing that but may be I am older or it’s the time code U just wrote in a previous blog , our body & mind work more slowly by time refuse to be stressed . I love Ur life system but can’t myself cope with it , Love U & Good Luck 🙏🙏🙏

    Liked by 1 person

    • Love you too..just put your own and live it.. Tailed it to suit you personally:) yours will include for sure words like serve, help, support, encourage…. And you will be doing the amazing things you’re doing more intentionally and this will let you feel happier and more satisfied with your life ❤️


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